Hi there! I’m Robin; a software engineer and longtime-serving developer community advocate.

My software career started in 2007 when I left school and started a business crafting custom websites and software for small clients in the North of England. From that business, the opportunity to move to London arose, to merge with another digital agency.

In 2011, alongside 4 others, I bootstrapped the “World’s first social gambling website” - Bodugi.com. After serving as CTO, I left Bodugi in 2012 to enter the world of Developer Relations. Sitting behind a desk all day long was leaving me restless, and I was super jealous of my friend who was already working as a Developer Evangelist, so I left the gambling industry to work in Dev Rel, initially at Couchbase, as their first European Evangelist, and one of the first Developer Evangelists in England.

After spending a year as a Developer Evangelist at Couchbase, I moved on to work up to being a Senior Developer Evangelist at SendGrid.

Developer education and developer experience are the most important fields in my career. For as long as I’ve been in the software industry, sharing knowledge has been the most important factor to me. There really is nothing I enjoy more than sharing knowledge with other Developers, and enabling them to create fantastic software through the use of excellent tooling. Be it through hosting interactive lessons, creating video tutorials, or my personal favourite; creating Technical Content, teaching was always my favourite part of working in Developer Relations.

At the back-end of 2015, I left SendGrid to found another startup. This time, it was Luno.io. An API-based User Management SaaS built by Devs, for Devs. Luno.io got accepted into, and graduated from the Ignite Accelerator Programme in London for 2015/16. After raising a small round of funding, I continued at Luno until August 2016, when we folded the business due to personal reasons between the founders.

From August 2016, I have been freelance Technical Writing for a multitude of tech companies. Technical Writing was always my favourite form of sharing and the best part of my job. There is nothing I enjoy more than exploring new technologies, hacking together sample applications and documenting exactly how I did so. Technical blogs / tutorials are my preferred way of learning about a new API, and producing those tutorials for other Devs is my pleasure. Writing API documentation is another form of my favourite roles, but writing technical tutorials is the penultimate joy for me.

For technology topics, my specialities are Security, Databases, Distributed Systems, Erlang/Elixir, Golang, Ruby/Rails, and Crystal Lang.

Outside of Tech, I play Rugby for my hometown’s Rugby club, Snowboard whenever I get the chance, and I have my Group B Car Racing / Rally license. I have a real passion for anything with an engine! I also love going hiking, and taking along my Rhodesian Ridgeback pup; Apollo.