This is a list of past articles I’ve written for a variety of tech companies:


Building a Batch Image Uploader in Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby and Iron

Building a Scheduled Newsletter in Ruby with IronWorker and Mailgun

Building & Authenticating a Crystal Web Application with JWTs

An Introduction to Crystal Lang

Iris Recognition for Two Factor Authentication with Ruby on Rails

Security Checklist for Full Stack Web Developers — Part 1

Security for Full Stack Developers — Part 2

Security for Full Stack Web developers — Part 3

Comparing the most popular JavaScript Charting Libraries

10 Reasons I Love Being a Developer Evangelist (In Pictures)

Introduction to Elixir Lang

How I Value Open Source (Part 1)

The Value of Open Source (Part 2)

Build a Scheduled News Reader with Golang, Reddit and SendGrid

What is NoSQL? Four Things, Actually

An Introduction to Golang

What makes me a Developer Evangelist?

Two Hacking Santas present: The Inbound Parse Webhook.

How I Learned to Appreciate JavaScript By Banging Justin Bieber

Selfies With Buscemeyes Using Inbound Email

How to Survive as a Developer Evangelist

Young Rewired State & Code on the Road

The SendGrid Ambassador Programme

Conference / Event Speaking as a Developer

The SendGrid Internal Hackathon

Model a Social Application with Couchbase & Ruby on Rails

N1QL - It Makes Cents!

Multiple Bucket Connections in Couchbase with Ruby